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Angebot: Flipper  Playboy

playboy flipper
playboy flipper body

PLAYBOY, the most popular men's magazine in history, is now the Stern pinball machine that's got everyone talking. Steeped in PLAYBOY's rich 50-year tradition, the PLAYBOY pinball machine brings you the world's most beautiful women in a glamorous lifestyle that only can be called PLAYBOY.

Designed by George Gomez (Monster Bash™), Dwight Sullivan (Who dunnit™), and our incredible team of pinball experts, the PLAYBOY pinball machine challenges you to collect Rabbit Heads, twelve Playmates, and experience Mansion Mania in a way you never have before. The PLAYBOY pinball machine features a mechanical centerfold that both opens and closes, along with several other unique playfield mechanisms that reveal the many beautiful women of PLAYBOY. (Note: photo inserts for the playfield mechanisms are interchangeable, and include both nude and non-nude versions.) So, welcome to the Mansion…the girls are waiting.

playboy flipper

playboy flipper

playboy flipper
playboy flipper spielfeld
playboy flipper Spielfeld
playboy flipper

"Tease me Baby," the game will
say as the Tease screen comes

The player can score Triple
Jackpots on the right ramp
where yet another Playmate waits.

playboy flipper

Centerfold Toy unfolds at the
start of this 3 ball Multiball.

playboy flipper

Execute the Skill Shot
to open this toy.

playboy flipper

Collect all twelve Playmates to start Mansion Mania

Modelle und Preisänderungen vorbehalten, Gültig ab 1.2.2011

Preise sind auf Barzahlung ausgerechnet, ab Lager Goldau. Exklusive Montage und Transport.  Lieferung bis 40 Km: 100.-, bis 80 Km: 150.-, (2 Personen vor Orth) weitere Distanzen auf Anfrage, Nur gegen Barzahlung.   Zugriffszähler

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